Mobiwave BPA-D12 Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer

Bluetooth® wireless technology has become more complex with the introduction of Bluetooth® v1.2 specifications supporting Adaptive Frequency Hoping (AFH), Fast Connection, extended SCO link, more. Mobiwave BPA-D12 non-intrusive real-time analyzer will lighten your burden in acquiring this challenging wireless technology and shorten the time to market for your Bluetooth® products.

Key Features

  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)
    BPA-D12 supports AFH in all modes including power down modes like Sniff, Hold, Park, Park (PM ADDR) and role-switch. The real-time capture, decrypt, decode, display and search allow you to monitor the behaviour of the power management implementation effectively.
  • SmartTandemTM Mode
    Mobiwave BPA-D12 SmartTandemTM mode is the leading analyzer in the market that allows you to have a complete view of a Bluetooth® v1.2 piconet with mixed of 1.1 and 1.2 slaves devices or 1.2 slave devices with different adaptive hop sequences (AHS). SmartTandemTM features merge the captured traces from various BPA-D12′s hardware in real-time to form a complete piconet overview.
  • eSCO
    BPA-D12 supports the complete suite of eSCO packets of EV3, EV4 and EV5. The reassembly capability for eSCO audio streams allows playback through WAVE file or exports to CVSD or PCM formats. In addition, eSCO packets retransmission window errors and violations are reported. Mobiwave BPA-D12 has verification testing for slave devices that implement Fast Connection. The test verifies that the interlaced Page Scan, interlaced Inquiry Scan and enhanced Inquiry Scan are implemented correctly. The test is as simple as clicking a button.
  • SmartFlagTM
    BPA-D12 incorporates various intelligence checking to look for irregularities in the data captured, such as timing violation check, ESCO retransmission window violation and many more…
  • HCI USB Sniffing

In addition, Mobiwave BPA-D12 has real-time non-intrusive sniffing for HCI and USB interface. Bluetooth® protocols that are supported inclusive of base-band packets, are: LMP, L2CAP, SDP, TCS, RFCOMM, AT commands, HDLC, PPP, OBEX, BNEP, HCRP, HID, AVCTP, AVDTP, SAP, HCI and networking protocols such as HTTP, FTP, RTP, DNS, TCP, UDP, IP v4 and IP v6 through PCAP exports. Test automation is enabled via API Control Interface.

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