Mobiwave BPA-D10 Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer

BPA-D10 is a non-intrusive Bluetooth® wireless protocol analyzer that captures protocol information over the air and also HCI USB interface. Analyzes all levels of protocol inclusive of upper stacks, lower stacks and baseband information. The captured packets over the air are relayed to a host PC through Ethernet connection in real-time allowing logging of ‘unlimited’ data (limited only by disk space) and also ease of equipment sharing. This network interface supports both stand-alone and LAN configurations through static IP or DHCP client.

The highly intuitive graphics user interface software on the host displays all the protocol information in the form of message sequence chart similar those found in the Bluetooth® specifications. Bluetooth® protocol stacks are displayed clearly in layers on top of one another. Packets supported inclusive of BASEBAND, LM, L2CAP, SDP, TCS, RFCOMM, AT commands, HDLC, PPP, OBEX, BNEP, HCP, HID, AVCTP, AVDTP, SAP and HCI. Networking protocol such as HTTP, FTP, RTP, DNS, TCP, UDP, IP v4 and IP v6 are made available through PCAP exports. Each protocol layers are further broken down into readable fields according to Bluetooth® specifications for ease of checking. In addition, basic raw data in both ASCII and hexadecimal formats are also displayed.

BPA-D10′s sophisticated search and filtering engine allows developers to focus on the problem area quickly and easily. The errors detection packets statistical analysis and data rate measurement provide invaluable information regarding the quality of the Bluetooth® devices under observation and also the surrounding test environment. Additional features like customizable color scheme, time markers and bookmarkers will further improve productivity of developers.

The extra mile features like SmartDecryptTM for seamless decryption of Bluetooth® pico-net in noisy environment, audio playback of SCO packets, export captured data to CSV format for further processing by CSV-capable applications like Microsoft Excel and export of BNEP and PPP data to PCAP format for further processing by PCAP-capable applications like Ethereal (GPL application), further assist applications developers in shortening their development cycle and improve their product’s time to market. Test automation is enabled via API Control Interface.

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