Broadcom BCM2055 802.11n WiFi Radio

Chipworks is releasing a report on the Broadcom BCM2055 802.11n WiFi Radio.

BCM2055 Package photo
BCM2055 Package photo

What is the Broadcom BCM2055 802.11n WiFi Radio?

The BCM2055 is Broadcom’s fifth-generation WiFi radio and the first RF solution in the Intensi-fi family of draft 802.11n solutions. It integrates multiple 2.4 and 5 GHz radios to support simultaneous spatial streams, enabling products to deliver performance and more reliable coverage.

Built on an all-CMOS architecture, the BCM2055 also provides manufacturers with a highly-integrated solution that offers smaller die size, lower power consumption, and lower phase noise and error vector magnitude (EVM) than competing products. Chipworks offers thorough analysis of select areas of this industry leading device.

Die photo, BCM2055
Die photo, BCM2055

What’s interesting about the Broadcom BCM2055 802.11n WiFi Radio?

To maintain high performance, the BCM2055 uses Active Diversity, an intelligent signal processing technique, and best-in-class receive sensitivity to further enhance coverage area. The BCM2055, Intensi-fi technology complies with the current IEEE802.11n draft specification and is designed to be upgradeable to meet the final IEEE802.11n specification.

What’s in this report?

  1. Introduction
  2. List of Figures
  3. Device Summary Sheet
  4. Full Set of Schematics on: LNA, PA’s and Mixers, Frequency Synthesizer, and the Analog Baseband, Transmitter and Receiver for the 5GHz and 2.4GHz Bands
  5. Signal Naming Conventions and Symbol
  6. Signal Cross-Reference List

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