ZTEC Instruments

ZTEC Instruments designs and manufacturers modular digital oscilloscopes and function generators / arbitrary waveform generators. ZTEC offers a number of scopes and signal generators in the widely accepted PXI and VXI instrumentation platforms. Their solutions also include PCI instruments for embedded test applications and LAN-based oscilloscopes for ATE and remote access applications.

Since 1996, ZTEC's basic philosophy has been to provide modular instrument users with all the performance, advanced functions, and ease-of-use that is available with benchtop instruments. ZTEC's scopes and signal sources deliver the channel density and flexibility of modular instruments, along with the performance and convenience of benchtop instruments. Additionally, they provide free flexible software and quality drivers for our instruments.

ZTEC provides targeted solutions for aerospace & defense, high energy physics, EPICS, and embedded test and measurement applications. Theirproducts also satisfy general purpose test and measurement needs.

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