Y-Lynx drives the application development in an industry which is going wireless. We offer embedded solutions for low-power wireless links. Our communication solutions are made to interface easily with your application.

Y-Lynx develops this potential in industrial automation, building automation, supply-chain management, automatic meter reading, security, and other low-data-rate applications.

Y-Lynx offers radio communication Libraries embedded inside Integrated Circuits (LibIC). The LibIC provides all the necessary commands through standard interfaces (UART, SPI, ...) to drive wireless communications on numerous transceivers. Y-Lynx's LibIC enables the implementation of a low cost reliable link for your application in a short time.

Y-Lynx also provides a complete family range of Radio Modems with embedded protocol, operating in the license free ISM bands that facilitate operation of low power devices. The YLX-RadioModems series offers a simple, cost effective way to make any wireless application. The built-in Y-Lynx solution contains a MAC layer with TDMA, CSMA, FDMA or FHSS protocol.

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