Vesta Technology

Vesta Technology has 25 years of designing and manufacturing successful embedded microprocessor based products. Our standard and custom microcontrollers are ruggedized, low power, small form factor mezzanine style single board computers. For custom designs our unique model uses our existing designs and software as building blocks to get your product to market fast; we have already invested our time and money to lower your cost and speed your time to market. If you have unique requirements, or if you need a smaller or lower cost solution, we can offer you a rapid, affordable custom alternative through this unique design and prototype program we call ProtoStar(tm). Through this joint-development program, we will take your hardware, software, and/or product packaging from concept to production fast.

Vesta's made-in-America microcontrollers are embedded at the heart of data acquisition, monitoring, motor control and instrumentation for many industries including agriculture, renewable energy, medical, material handling, food processing, semiconductor equipment, robotics, and more. Vesta introduced a new ARM7 based product family in 2008, our most powerful mezzanine controller boards ever called Antero. Antero is built to the Industry Pack (IP) standard form factor and based on the 32 bit ARM7 microcontroller. These products can mate to any compatible IP carrier cards or we can design a custom carrier for you. They can even be used as a standalone SBC or with our development baseboards. These products serve as a springboard for engineers to rapidly prototype designs. Full development kits are available with a baseboard and cables, providing a number of peripherals that expand the I/O capabilities including CAN, on-the-go mode USB and Ethernet. All supported with software drivers in Vesta's eCos ROTS distributions and example programs that demonstrate its extensive capabilities.

Vesta Technology's controllers range from the new 32 bit NXP ARM7 processor to an extensive line of 8 bit / 16 bit PIC based and Motorola based microcontrollers, peripheral boards, and our Vesta Basic tools enable you to quickly and cost effectively develop low power embedded systems for your applications.

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