Vas & Mac Enterprises

Vas & Mac Enterprises, LLC, is located in New Jersey USA. The company, also known as Vas-N-Mac, offers a complete range of business technology services for the embedded electronic systems market. Their leadership experience extends both to software and hardware system development, enabling them to provide an integrated solution of software with hardware consulting services for customers. Specializing in embedded electrical systems consulting for home automation, industrial control, and telecom/networking.

The Vas-N-Mac team has the experience to participate globally on development projects, integrating electrical engineering development with manufacturing in ASIA and in the U.S.A. They are willing to travel to customers international sites for extended time periods.

The company specializes in offering technical services for embedded electronic product development. These services range from embedded architecture development and evaluation; processor and electrical component evaluation; physical design evaluation, RTOS and thin-client evaluation; engineering development project planning and evaluation, Intellectual property evaluation, to engineering design environment creation with process formation.

They provide engineering design consulting services for embedded product development. Full embedded engineering design services ranging from circuit board and FPGA development, embedded software driver development, RTOS, Linux, or thin-client integration, to embedded software application development. Vas & Mac offers a near turn-key solution for many projects, quoting a price for the complete job or a portion of a job.

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