VirtualLogix develops and markets VirtualLogix VLX, the partitioning and virtualization software platform that allows embedded systems to run heterogeneous operating systems and applications efficiently and safely. With VirtualLogix VLX, companies can mix and match legacy applications and their real-time operating systems with open operating systems, giving them a smooth and safe migration or evolution path. VirtualLogix VLX enables semiconductors manufacturers to bring to the market reference designs running multiple operating systems, frees up OEM's and ODM's from operating system and legacy applications dependencies and empowers service providers and operators to deploy secure devices and managed services to their customers.

VirtualLogix enables companies to stay ahead of changing market requirements and to streamline their embedded system software architecture. Founded by Sun Microsystems Chorus team members, with a wealth of experience in developing and deploying real-time and high availability solutions, VirtualLogix paves the way for the development of current and next generation of network infrastructure and connected devices.

Created in August 2002, VirtualLogix is a global software company with offices in US, Europe and Japan, and a network of partners and customers worldwide. VirtualLogix team culture is to serve its clients and partners with the highest level of satisfaction possible.

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