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Verifysoft Technology is committed to provide test productivity solutions that will help companies more efficiently maintain and enhance their software applications written in C, C++ and Java. In order to deliver stable and high quality testing tools, Verifysoft Technology supports and market the product family from Testwell Oy in Tampere/Finland, the products from Precilog in Versailles/France, as well as the Java-testing-suite from Man Machine Systems in India.

In 1992 Testwell Oy has taken over the testing-tools developed for over 20 years by different companies of the Nokia Group. The mission of Testwell is to further develop this tools. Today Testwell has an outstanding reputation when it comes to structure, automate, integrate and re-use testcases of C/C++ developers. Testwell's offices are located at the Technology Center Hermia in Tampere/Finland, at an immediate vicinity of Tampere University of Technology and its Department of Information Technology. Testwell Technology is used by many companies in Europe, Far East and the USA (some european referencies are shown here).

Precilog is one of the leading french specialists for software-test-automation. The company has been founded in 2001 by a group of software-test-experts. By using the Precilog-tools QuickAnt® Test Pro or QuickAnt® (light) the customer will automate his Java testing process and profit from the long experience of Precilog's test engineers in various technical environments and very different companies and projects.

Since October 2003 Verifysoft markets the Java testing tool suite form Man Machine Systems (MMS) in Europe. The Chennai (Madras) based company MMS has tools to automate code coverage analysis, unit testing and intelligent regression testing.

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