Ubiwave is a leader in the wireless sensor networking market and provides embedded software, hardware modules and tools to OEMs in safety- and reliability critical applications, both in building automation and industrial automation.

On this platform, termed UbiNet™, the mesh communication software stack is executed on OEM modules. A workbench of tools supports the OEM customer during all phases of the project chain: from the definition over the design, test, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the wireless sensor application. Both the ZigBee-capable and the Synchronized Wake-Up mesh stack are self-organizing and are optimized for improved reliability.

Identified by ON World as a leading platform provider, Ubiwave’s Synchronized Wake-Up marries two contradictory requirements: low-power and mesh-capable. In a mesh network, devices depend on other devices to forward messages through the network in a multi-hop fashion. In the traditional mesh approach a meshing device will be in a listening state whenever it is not transmitting. Since a device when listening draws almost as much current as it does when transmitting, low-power behavior is not possible. In Synchronized Wake-Up the devices will synchronize the wake up periods to minimize the awake periods thereby offering battery lives up to 5 years on standard AA batteries.

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