TUXIA is blazing a new path in the field of embedded Linux systems by delivering the full Internet experience to consumer devices and information appliances, such as set-top boxes/Media Gateways, Thin Clients, and PDA's. Leveraging more than eight years of experience in pioneering turnkey Linux devices, TUXIA has engineered a new generation of Linux embedded systems with TASTE (TUXIA Appliance Synthesis Technology). TASTE features a Linux operating system, an embedded Mozilla browser called Nanozilla(tm) and a full complement of plug-ins and other functionalities that are configured according to the use of an information appliance. Using block compression technology, TUXIA has engineered TASTE to have the smallest memory footprint of any media-rich embedded Linux system available today, which yields dramatic savings for device manufacturers. With TUXIA's development kit TSE (TUXIA Synthesis Environment), the appliance software can be easily customized and extended to customers' needs.

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