TenAsys specializes in real-time software and services based on the embedded computer industry's most popular processor and operating system technologies. Today, TenAsys provides the greatest value to embedded developers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the only line of real-time operating systems and extensions designed and optimized specifically for the Intel x86 architecture and Microsoft Windows software.

Manufacturers in almost every industry are considering PC hardware and software for their ability to reduce development costs and speed time-to-market, as well as to meet customer demands for standard interface, networking, and applications.

With TenAsys products, designers can reduce the cost of developing computer-based systems by adopting cost-effective PC hardware and software. And they can take advantage of all the benefits of the Windows operating system - standard APIs, networking capabilities, user interface, and development environment - as well as a proven, highly reliable real-time kernel for critical application requirements. For these OEMs, TenAsys products meet all of their demands for reliability, longevity, and rock solid performance.

At our core is a group of engineers who were key developers of the INtime product and key developers of iRMX at Intel, with a total of over 130 years of experience in the products. We're committed to providing continued support and innovation for these proven products that form the basis of thousands of critical, real-time applications around the world.

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