Transense Technologies

Transense Technologies is a technology transfer company that develops Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), wireless, batteryless, sensor systems for the automotive industry. Current applications include tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and torque systems for Electrical Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) and driveline management.

More than 20% of all truck breakdowns are due to tire failure. Transense tire pressure monitoring technology (TPMS) continually measures both tire pressure and temperature alerting the driver when the air pressure of one or more of the tires has fallen below the manufacturer's recommended level. The system interrogates each tire many times a second, recognizing small changes in the pressure and temperature, providing the driver with continually updated information. Most other direct tire monitoring systems only inform the driver when there is a predefined change in pressure, usually between 10% and 25% deflation. In addition, many direct systems are unable to provide temperature information. Indirect TPMS systems can take up to 20 minutes for system calibration and 20 minutes to inform the driver of a tire deflation greater than 25%. Indirect systems rely on information from the vehicle ABS sensors and are therefore unable to provide absolute values of tire pressure or temperature and operate poorly under road conditions where wheel slip occurs.

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