Tenison Design Automation

Designers of complex IP, ASICs and SoCs are frequently frustrated by the lack of available functional models of the hardware that are suitable for architectural analysis and software development. In addition, large portions of the design are frequently reused or modified from previous products but the design data is represented at a different level than required.

Ordinary simulation models of designs created for IC implementation contain unneeded detailed timing information which greatly slows architectural exploration, firmware development and total system verification. The time, effort and cost taken to develop faster, more abstract models by hand can severely delay the project and lead to cost overruns.

Tenison provides the cornerstone technology for bridging this 'model gap'. Tenison VTOC(TM) synthesizes fast C++ and SystemC models from hardware designs described in Verilog or VHDL. These efficient models automatically integrate with new and emerging abstract designs, whether written by hand or using tools such as ARM(R) RealView(R) SoC Designer or CoWare(R) Platform Architect. Tenison's customers are provided with the most advanced and complete tool flow available for modeling entire complex electronic systems at all levels of abstraction.

Customers include STMicroelectronics, Freescale, Broadcom, Conexant Systems, Samsung, Ricoh, Renesas, Skyworks Solutions and other Fortune 100 companies.

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