Tanner EDA

Tanner EDA is a leading provider of easy-to-use, PC-based electronic design automation (EDA) software solutions for the design, layout and verification of analog/mixed signal ICs and MEMS. Its solutions help speed designs from concept to silicon and are used by thousands of companies to develop devices cost-effectively in next-generation wireless, consumer electronics, imaging, power management, biomedical, automotive and RF market segments. Founded in 1988, Tanner EDA is a division of privately held Tanner Research, Inc.

Tanner EDA has established itself as a crucial link in the process of designing Analog/Mixed-Signal ICs, ASICs and MEMs. The company provides fully-integrated solutions for schematic entry, circuit simulation, waveform probing, netlist extraction, full-custom layout editing, placement and routing, netlist extraction, LVS and DRC verification on the Windows(R) platform. Its solutions have become increasingly critical in the face of growing challenges brought on by shorter time-to-market cycles, increasing cost constraints and lack of available resources.

Tanner EDA's flagship products, the L-Edit(R), HiPer Verify(R) and T-Spice(R), form the foundation of the company's mission to automate and simplify the design, layout, and verification of Analog/Mixed-Signal ICs, ASICs and MEMS, from concept to silicon. The company's solutions are designed to be used stand alone or to easily augment a company's existing design tool flow. Tanner EDA solutions are the only EDA tools on the market that natively support the Mentor Graphics Calibre(R) and Cadence Dracula(R) formats. This support enables them to use foundry rule decks as is, without conversion or modification.

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