TeamF1 Inc. is a leading provider of technologically-advanced, high-quality embedded software products and services. We specialize in the areas of embedded security and high performance networking. Our focus on developing software specifically geared to the embedded systems market is backed by a seasoned engineering team with decades of RTOS, networking and SoC experience. With offerings tailored to stringent embedded systems requirements, we have emerged as a leading provider of embedded networking and security solutions. We take pride in our highly configurable, lean and reliable drop-in product components that shorten time-to-revenue cycles of complex embedded applications in the datacom, telecom, aerospace and industrial markets.

TeamF1's superior products are complemented by an unparalleled support team, which goes the extra mile to help you work these value-added components into their embedded applications with ease. Our professional services group extends this leadership by providing engineering solutions that go beyond normal software support -- ranging from custom integration of our products and building application-specific extensions, to the development of customized Board Support Packages (BSP), device drivers, and networking stacks and protocols. Our end-to-end solutions enable you to offer a differentiated, higher performance, smaller footprint system with lower development costs and faster time to market.

Check out our full line of embedded security and networking products for VxWorks®, pSOS+®, QNX® and other leading embedded OSes.

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