The Debug Store

The Debug Store, the on-line store of Great Western Microsystems Ltd, specialises in providing tools for real-time embedded systems development in the UK and Europe, and worldwide. More than 60% of their business is with mainland Europe and they benefit from working in the same time zone as their customers, something that is virtually impossible for most US suppliers to achieve.

The company supplies Adapters, Automation Controllers, Bench Power Supplies, Board Test, Boundary Scan, CAN Bus Products, Controller Boards, Debuggers, Device Programmers, Device Testers, Digital Multimeters, Digital Oscilloscopes, Digital Voltmeters, Embedded Libraries, Embedded Networking, EPROM Emulators, Ethernet Interface Modules, Evaluation Boards, Frequency Counters, I2C/SPI Bus Products, In-Circuit Programmers, JTAG/BDM PC Interfaces, Line Simulators, Logic Analysers, Pattern/Waveform Generators, PC Interface & Test Boards, Programmable Electronic Loads, Protocol Analysers, Real-Time Kernels and USB Bus Products.

The Debug Store represents Active Technologies, Alptex, Array Electronic, Artila Electronics, AVIX-RT, Byte Paradigm, Ceibo, CWAY (USBee), Janatek, KADAK, Kleinhenz Elektronik, Lassar Systems, Leap Electronic, Macraigor Systems, Tern, and Total Phase.

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