Symbian is a software licensing company that develops and supplies the advanced, open, standard operating system - Symbian OS - for data-enabled mobile phones. Symbian was established as a private independent company in June 1998. Headquartered in the UK, it now has more than 750 staff with offices in Japan, Sweden, UK and the USA and a development centre in Bangalore.

As at December 2003 18 phones that use Symbian OS from five manufacturers are shipping worldwide (including the Nokia 6600, Fujitsu F900i, Sony Ericsson P900, Motorola A925) and a further 26 phones from nine manufacturers are in development. During 2003, 6.7 million phones using Symbian OS shipped worldwide, and more than 1 million phones shipped in December 2003 alone.

Symbian is an independent, for-profit company whose mission is to establish Symbian OS as the world standard for mobile digital data systems, primarily for use in cellular telecoms.

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