StarCore LLC is a new company established to license IP of the StarCoreTM DSP and peripheral blocks. This synthesizable DSP core is based on a fixed-point architecture that has an extensible 16-bit instruction word. The scalable StarCore DSP architecture targets communications applications such as 2.5, 2.75 and 3G mobile handsets, wireless base stations and communication infrastructure devices. Low power dissipation helps extend battery life and meet power-per-channel budgets. The StarCore DSP employs a high level of parallelism enabling efficient, compact code. Reduced code size requires smaller memories providing the added benefit of lower total system costs. Designers can use a single DSP architecture and reuse key kernels and code for mid-level as well as advanced applications.

Addressing modes: The StarCore DSP architecture supports register-direct mode, address-register-indirect mode, and program-counter-relative modes. For address register indirect modes, the StarCore DSP architecture supports linear, reverse-carry, modulo, and multiple wrap-around module arithmetic types.

Special instruction or integral-peripheral functions: The StarCore DSP multipliers support all combinations of signed and unsigned operands and both fractional and integer formats. The StarCore DSP architecture supports an SIMD (single-instruction-multiple-data) version of maximum and minimum additions and subtractions (MAX2, ADD2, SUB2). It can perform eight 16-bit additions or maximum and minimum operations per cycle and includes MAX2VIT, which works with Viterbi shift left to accelerate Viterbi decoding algorithms. A user-defined instruction-set-accelerator module enhances the StarCore DSP standard instruction set.

Support: StarCore LLC provides direct support as well as services including macro hardening, design support, and training on all aspects of implementing a scalable DSP core into an SoC. They have developed alliances with a network of leading third party providers of tools, OSs, and application software giving developers alternatives to choose from including Metrowerks, GreenHills, Altium/Tasking, Quadros, OSE Systems, Trinity Convergence, Signals and Software, HelloSoft and Numerix.

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