Smart Network Devices

Smart Network Devices is a supplier for Embedded Internet Technology with a clear focus on networking and communication, small memory footprint in order to realize complete System-on-Chip solutions and a good price/performance ratio. Our customer's benefit is a Short Time-To-Market regarding the adaptation of their existing products or the design of new products, since we can offer turnkey solutions ready to be integrated in all kinds of devices. There is no need to buy embedded system components from different suppliers. Smart Network Devices can offer hardware, operating software and peripheral interfaces as well as application software programming service as your only supplier for everything you need. And, of course, you can be sure that everything fits perfectly together.

In the years to come you will find more and more "Smart Devices" being able to communicate with or be controlled by the Internet by means of a PC or Notebook with a Web Browser or even by Mobile Phones from virtually any place in the world. SND's highly qualified engineers are well experienced in embedded technology and especially in the communication market. With today's 15 people, steadily growing, and a several technology and development partners worldwide, SND will be your expert for future communication applications in Industrial or Office Automation, Facility Management, Medical Equipment or Automotive Infotainment no matter if wired or wireless.

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