S&H Computer Systems

S&H Computer Systems launched its first software product in 1975 with the release of TSX, a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system for Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11 computers. Since then, S&H has had many successful products, including COBOL-Plus (a popular, full featured COBOL compiler and run-time system) and RTSort (ultra high performance disk sort program). In 1989, S&H entered the PC market with TSX-32, a powerful 32-bit multi-user operating system for Intel '386-Pentium processors. This was followed in 1994 by TSX-Online, a full ISP package including web server and browser, FTP, e-mail, Telnet, and support for hundreds of dial-in lines. In 1997, S&H introduced News Rover, an automated Usenet news reader. News Rover is already in use at tens of thousands of sites around the world.

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