S2C lnc.

S2C lnc. develops and provides FPGA-based electronic system level (ESL) and advanced system-on-chip (SoC) prototyping solutions to accelerate and simplify the integration of embedded systems into chips. S2C products, using innovative TAI IP technology, let designers easily and securely employ IP to quickly assemble SoC prototypes on FPGA and immediately start software development. By partnering with leading IP vendors, S2C provides a broad array of commercial IP in plug-and-play FPGA-based format. S2C's FPGA-based ESL solution enables designers to go directly from architectural specification to FPGA prototype – and reduce the SoC design cycle by up to six months.

S2C believes that "Build the right SoC" comes before "Build the SoC right." As a result, their methodology focuses on putting together the prototype for SoC on FPGA as the first step. S2C's prototyping service assists customers not only in implementing such SoC prototypes, but also in acquiring the right IP and putting them together. Designers can then run software on their SoC prototype to make sure the functions are as expected before building the actual SoC hardware. Developers can also use the SoC prototype to talk to customers. After confirming that the right SoC in prototype form, vendors can then decide to engage S2C to implement SoC or to build their own SoC.

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