S2 Technologies

Headquartered in Cardiff, California, S2 Technologies, Inc. is a private, venture-funded, California corporation founded in July 2000, to pursue the underserved market for developer-oriented solutions for integrating and verifying complex embedded software systems. The company’s flagship product, STRIDE, an embedded software verification platform, was commercially launched in January 2003 and is already in use by a number of Fortune 500 companies.

S2 Technologies, Inc. (S2) provides products and services to Optimize Integration of embedded software. Optimizing Integration addresses how development teams integrate, test, and continuously verify their software throughout the development process.

Nearly every electronic product now contains a significant body of embedded software. According to recent studies, integration and testing of this software typically comprises 40% of the total software development cost and schedule. In addition, the increasing complexity of embedded software, more unique hardware platforms, greater use of outsourcing and third-party code, and compressed development cycles have radically increased the difficulty of integrating and validating embedded software applications. To optimize integration of this software, S2 offers an embedded software verification platform called STRIDE. STRIDE integrates with the embedded software target to create a single virtual platform that accelerates continuous integration, testing, and verification.

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