SiRF Technology

SiRF Technology, Inc. is a world leader in creating technologies that confer "location awareness" or "location intelligence" to a wide range of consumer products. SiRF's location-awareness solutions are based on the Global Positioning System (GPS), the same technology used to guide everything from the space shuttle to car navigation systems to handheld devices used by backpackers. Created by the U.S. military, GPS uses more than 24 satellites in orbit around the earth to provide always-on location information free of charge to any GPS receiver, anywhere in the world.

SiRF capitalizes on its architectural innovations, system design and silicon expertise, RF capabilities and state of the art semiconductor manufacturing technology to make GPS capabilities accurate, affordable, power efficient and compact enough to be used in consumer applications. SiRF's extensive patent and intellectual property portfolio improves on conventional GPS by providing location awareness where other approaches cannot, including under dense foliage, in steep ravines, in "urban canyons" and even in some indoor environments. In the constant tension between lost and found, SiRF's GPS solutions tip the odds in favor of being found.

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