SOLINET is a software and hardware development company with over a decade of experience in signaling systems. Signaling systems play an important, but often unnoticed role in our everyday lives. Yet every telephone call made or elevator used involves signaling systems of some kind. SOLINET's advanced technology has made the development of signaling systems more efficient. The company has also greatly simplified the implementation and validation of signaling systems according to national and international standards.

With over ten years experience in the field, SOLINET specialize in providing multi-platform environments for the implementation, validation and observation of signaling systems. Conformance test tools with ready to run test harnesses, test suites and framework test cases covering IMS, VoIP, CAMEL, ISUP, SS7, SIGTRAN, MAP and many more. Network analysis including protocol and network analysis, call analysis solutions for legacy and Next Generation Networks. Traffic generation providing millions of calls over weeks of uninterrupted operation. Gateways with hundreds of units running throughout the world, their gateways technology covers complex systems such as an MSC, HLR or SCP.

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