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Symyx Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to helping customers maximize the effectiveness and success of their research and development programs. Symyx develops and applies high-throughput research technologies and research software for customers in the chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries. Symyx performs research for customers using proprietary technologies to discover new and innovative materials, sells automated high-throughput instrumentation and licenses software for use in customers’ own laboratories, and licenses discovered materials, sensors and intellectual property. Symyx has the largest portfolio of patents in the field of high-throughput materials discovery.

Three of Symyx's discovered materials have been commercialized, including a catalyst to produce Dow's VERSIFY™ Plastomers and Elastomers, a needle storage phosphor used in Agfa's DX-S Computed Radiography system, and a polymer used in electronic applications by JSR. In addition, Symyx has a pipeline of materials in commercial development. Symyx customers comprise leading organizations, including large strategic alliances with the Dow Chemical Company and ExxonMobil. Symyx Software and Tools are used by many pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and energy companies.

We apply our technologies to discover innovative materials for high-value industrial applications in a broad range of industries. Our customers include chemical, energy, life science, electronic, consumer goods, and automotive companies. Among our discovered materials — three of which have been commercialized — are catalysts for the manufacture of plastics and chemicals, polymers for a range of consumer and industrial applications, and x-ray storage phosphors used in computed radiography. Our customers include approximately 25 leading companies worldwide, including BP, the Dow Chemical Company, Eli Lilly and Company, ExxonMobil Company, Honda, and Merck & Co., Inc. Two of these customers — ExxonMobil and Dow — have entered into broad-based strategic alliances with us under which we are performing research, developing and transferring Symyx Tools, and licensing software and intellectual property. Dow, ExxonMobil and others have committed over $600 million for strategic partnerships with Symyx.

Founded in 1994 by Drs. Alejandro Zaffaroni and Peter Schultz, Symyx is based on concepts developed at Affymax, Inc. and Affymetrix, Inc., which commercialized the use of high-throughput methods for pharmaceutical and genetic research, respectively. Applying similar concepts of miniaturization, automation and parallel processing, Symyx has built a powerful platform for increasing research productivity. We have established distinct and complementary ways for customers to access our tools and techniques. They may:

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