Time is a critical variable in nearly every electronic system. Knowing a precise time and/or frequency becomes important whenever mission critical systems, such as telecommunications networks, must be synchronized or extremely accurate measurements are required. Symmetricom is the world leader in the generation, synchronization and distribution of precise time and frequency signals.

Symmetricom designs, manufactures and markets atomic clocks and network synchronization and timing solutions used in wireline and wireless telecom networks, space, defense and avionics systems, and enterprise IT networks. Our customers include network service providers, telecom equipment manufacturers, military and aerospace contractors, enterprises, as well as government and research facilities in over 90 countries around the globe.

Telecom Solutions Division
Symmetricom's Telecom Solutions division is the world's leading supplier of network synchronization and timing solutions to global communications companies. Proper synchronization is required to ensure voice and data integrity across any digital communications network. Our products control or synchronize the flow of information, voice, video, or data. Our solutions therefore play a critical role in the operation and quality of service in traditional narrowband voice and data networks as well as in broadband networks, enabling our customers to maximize network efficiency and quality of service.

Timing, Test and Measurement Division
Symmetricom's Timing, Test and Measurement (TT&M) division is the leading supplier of precise timing standards to industry, government, utilities, research centers, aerospace and enterprise. We supply scientific and business solutions for customers who demand reliable products and engineering expertise in a variety of applications including timing, testing, verification and/or the measurement of a time and frequency-based signal.

The division, with headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA, was established in October, 2002 following Symmetricom's acquisitions of TrueTime, Inc and Datum, Inc. Symmetricom TT&M is the recognized technology and market leader for rubidium clocks (developing the first practical rubidium clock in 1971), cesium clocks and hydrogen masers. The division supplies more high-precision frequency and timing standards to network IT managers, military and aerospace programs, laboratories and other users than the rest of the world's providers combined.

Symmetricom Global Services
Symmetricom Global Services provides consulting, engineering and support services for Symmetricom customers worldwide. The division provides support and maintenance contracts as well as resources to assist customers in network planning, installation, training and growth. In an era when network providers are scaling back on in-house synchronization and timing expertise, we expect the opportunities for our service and support business to continue to grow.

Technology Realization Center
Located in Beverly, MA, the Symmetricom Technology Realization Center (TRC) houses world-renowned scientists and engineers who specialize in the development and production of precision hydrogen maser and cesium beam and rubidium gas cell frequency standards, as well as high performance quartz oscillators. Products developed here are the result of many years of research and development performed in the areas of atomic physics, electronics engineering and software design. The TRC designs and manufactures physics packages, supporting electronics, software and packaging for many of the company's products.

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