SWBOX is a leading independent provider of development tools for software developers. SWBOX's product focus is to empower software professionals to deliver the highest quality software in the least amount of time. SWBOX's products reduce the burden placed on individual developers by automating customization processes. This innovative technology developed by SWBOX represents the next generation of intelligent development tools.

SWBOX's market focus is on companies performing embedded systems development for aerospace, military, medical, telecom, process control, mobile phones, consumer electronics, etc.

StringDB is a multi-language system for software applications. Provided with its API, it manages your strings and languages in a way that you don't have to recompile software for each string/language change.

StringDB also makes string changes easier with its Microsoft Excel support. In just two clicks, StringDB automatically processes MS Excel sheets and creates strings and language packs for your software.

StringDB is designed for software developers, who develop multilingual and/or multinational systems and who have to modify string and language capabilities of their system frequently, for different customers all around the world.

Key Benefits

SWBOX offers full support for integration of StingDB with your application for free. SWBOX's integration team can do the whole changes to software under strict privacy policies.

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