SYSGO is the leading European supplier of embedded software and development tools for industrial applications. Our core competence is the so-called system software (Firmware, Operating System, Device Drivers etc.). For the development of safety-critical real-time applications we offer PikeOS, a multi operating system, providing multiple virtual machines in separate partitions. PikeOS is a strategic platform allowing critical and non-critical software to run on a single CPU. For non-critical applications such as consumer electronics, POS etc. we offer ELinOS, a development environment for embedded Linux.

SYSGO was founded in 1991 in Mainz, Germany. Today, the company employs 70 people, and has six facilities in Germany, Europe, and Japan. SYSGO was reincorporated as a joint stock company in October 2002.

SYSGO customers include companies like Airbus, DaimlerChrysler, EADS, Honeywell, IBM, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins, Rohde&Schwarz, Siemens VDO.

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