Rio Design Automation

Rio Design Automation is an EDA company bridging the gap between the design of high-performance chips and their integration with the rest of the electronic system. Its revolutionary approach offers chip designers a package-aware design environment to make design tradeoffs between the chip and its package to achieve optimal results.

As semiconductor technology advances to keep pace with demand for greater performance and functionality from the market, advances in sophisticated and automated electronic design automation design tools must also keep pace. Nanometer scale devices are pushing the number of I/O ever higher and with increased performance expectations. It is no longer possible to meet these demands by looking only at the chip when doing I/O planning. Rio Design Automation is an emerging electronic design automation software company developing products to meet these challenges. RioMagic is a new "package aware" chip design tool that introduces a revolutionary approach to I/O planning and optimization called "interconnect synthesis." It brings system-level performance considerations into the initial design phase where tradeoffs can be made without compromising performance or increase cost.

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