For more than 15 years, Rambus® has been providing leading chip and system companies with interface solutions that deliver higher performance for a broad range of consumer, computing and communications applications. Beginning with the development of high-speed interfaces for video game consoles and graphics workstations, Rambus' breakthrough technology and unparalleled engineering expertise have helped companies solve their most challenging interface problems and bring industry-leading products to market. Today, Rambus interface solutions enable state-of-the-art performance in PCs, video game consoles, printers, digital TVs, set-top boxes, printers, video projectors, network switches and routers. Rambus provides complete interface solutions and comprehensive engineering services to ensure the successful implementation of its interfaces in customer products. Rambus engineering services support customers from chip design to system integration and volume production.

Rambus offers the broadest range of low-risk, silicon-proven memory interfaces, innovations and patented inventions for cost-efficient designs that improve overall system performance. The Rambus family of DDR memory controller interfaces complements its higher frequency RDRAM® and XDR™ product lines, providing customers with easy-to-integrate drop-in cell solutions for their designs, making Rambus a one-stop shop for memory interface needs. The RDRAM memory interface has been integrated into RDRAM memory devices and memory controllers from a number of chip manufacturers, and offers high performance and high bandwidth for a variety of high-volume applications. The XDR memory interface family provides a quantum leap in overall system performance for next generation graphics-intensive consumer, computing and networking applications. These solutions enable customers to meet challenging bandwidth, power and cost targets for their specific application needs.

Rambus has also developed and patented extensive technologies in the area of logic interface solutions. Rambus' family of serial link cells includes application-proven, standards-compliant serial link cells as well as higher-performance specialty solutions. Rambus' serial link interfaces offer customers proven, high-speed physical layer and digital core solutions that are compatible with a number of computer and network communications requirements. Rambus currently has the industry's fastest backplane serial link interface enabling engineers and system designers to quadruple the capacity of their existing networking infrastructure. Rambus' FlexIO™ processor bus, formerly codenamed ?Redwood,? is capable of running at up to 6.4GHz data rates providing more than four times the bandwidth of current best-in-class processor buses. The FlexIO bus is ideally suited for low-cost, high-performance applications where circuits and signaling levels are optimized for lower latency and lower power than traditional processor bus solutions.

Rambus has over a fifteen year history of commitment to advanced research and development. Rambus continues to invest heavily in high-speed interface technology focusing on advanced circuit design, logic architecture, system engineering, signal integrity, verification, and testing. By using a multidisciplinary approach, Rambus engineers identify system bottlenecks and develop the technologies required for faster signaling and advanced system designs. Rambus engineers have developed numerous innovations, resulting in over 850 issued and pending patents worldwide in areas such as logic and memory interfaces, memory architecture, and system design.

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