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PRQA pioneered the use of static analysis technology to automatically enforce coding standards — so you can build better software.

Coding Standard Enforcement (CSE) delivers much higher value than the simplistic bug catching approaches of the past. Our CSE solutions can catch bugs better than anything out there-plus do much more. PRQA equips you with essential tools you need to inject best practices into your development process — to prevent problems early so you're not wasting expensive resources fixing them later.

Our powerful, commercially-hardened solutions are found wherever software quality is paramount, coding standard compliance is mandated, high-integrity code is essential, developer productivity is key, and project success rates are critical.

Established in 1986, PRQA is recognized worldwide as the coding standard experts by leading software developers, industry experts, and standards bodies. We're known as the thought leaders for bringing best practices to today's demanding software development environments.

PRQA's proven expertise in coding standard development, automated coding standard enforcement, automated code review & software inspection, and source code analysis is simply unmatched.

Coding standards are repositories of best practices-collaborative efforts of the best minds out there-filled with insight and recognized as an integral step toward building high-integrity, quality software. Discover how easily you can benefit from them.

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