Proven Software Solutions

Proven Software Solutions is the electronics industry's first independent broker for embedded software. The company was formed because the industry needs a new way to source embedded software. That need was identified by the founders; Chris Briggs and Philip Ling, who between them have over 40 years of experience, gained at every level of the embedded electronics industry.

Proven Software Solutions addresses the weakness in the embedded software supply chain. Under this concept, developers, OEMs and ODMs can maximise their investment and resources, while reducing their risk, cost and time to market. Proven Software achieves this by strengthening the critical path between providers of embedded software and the OEMs who need it.

Their philosophy is built on many years of experience in the embedded world. Only software that has been fully developed, debugged and deployed gets in to their database. Their searchable database categorises software by function, target architecture, language and operating system. Proven Software also documents the IDE used, along with any other aspect of the software that makes it proven.

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