Professional Software Associates

PSA has embedded systems development products such as a Embedded Printer Driver Development Kit (ePDK). ePDK is a royalty free printer driver development kit designed for VxWorks. ePDK takes advantage of Wind River's Multimedia Library (WindML), and includes a generic PCL print driver and a print manager/spooler and supports a variety of printers. PSA's solution for TrueType Font Engine allows the ability to include any TrueType font on your target application, including multi-byte fonts. Advanced capabilities, such as scaling, rotation, and anti-aliasing are supported. The TrueType Font Engine was ported to WindML such that it will install cleanly and can be built into WindML. PSA also specializes in the embedded graphics space by assisting in the development of embedded applications which require user interface design and implementation. Along with experience in developing display drivers, BSP support, software & hardware integration, architectural consulting, etc.

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