Open Controller

Open Controller offers the OC-8 series of embedded controllers that simplifies the connection of machines, devices and systems in a network for real time communication and interaction. It shortens time-to-market in the development of new products. Existing products benefit by adding secure network capabilities. The pin and function compatible modules are used in a wide variety of applications. Open Controller meets the need for faster development, reuse of knowledge and sustainable solutions. A complete tool chain, source code and examples accelerate the implementation.

The high tech modules use an ARM7 or ARM9 (400 MHz) microcontroller. They are equipped with Power Over Ethernet and the most common communication channels such as high speed serial (12Mbit), I2C, SPI, SSC, CAN, ADC, DAC, LCD, CCD, AC'97, 4-20mA controller, Ethernet and Wireless. And protocols including CAN Open, Profibus, Modbus, and Powerlink. The result of the applied high tech print technology is a miniaturized module with twice more functionality per cm2 compared to currently available embedded modules. A global market comparison shows that the OC-8 with its wide feature set is most cost effective.

All modules are pin and function compatible, thus the same tools and design are used in many different projects. Knowledge, accumulated during development is optimally used during the product lifecycle and remains available for the next project. Engineers using OC-8 products have all the necessary hardware and software to develop the desired application faster and easier. The modules are based on open source software. This ensures complete control and avoid a vendor lock-in. The open source software is certified.

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