OpenClovis Solutions

OpenClovis is revolutionizing the development and deployment model for next generation communication systems. OpenClovis Solutions delivers end-to-end management that enables solution integrators, network equipment manufactures (NEPs), and telecommunication equipment manufactures (TEMs) to deliver their value faster, with significantly less R&D dollars. As a result of using the innovative OpenClovis Application Service Platform product, customers gain a competitive advantage in this fast moving market environment.

Founded in 2002 with the mission to provide communication system vendors with a suite of software infrastructure components, helping them to greatly reduce time-to-market, development risk and cost. OpenClovis Solutions is now the leading system infrastructure software platform provider to the communications industry, leveraging more than 400 years of collective communications systems expertise of the OpenClovis R&D team. OpenClovis Solutions is headquartered in Petaluma, California’s Telecom Valley, with a substantial R&D facility in Bangalore India.

The OpenClovis Application Service Platform consists of an extensive set of element, system, platform, and high availability management modules running on an information model driven core infrastructure. Modules may be selected to best match the application and platform requirements. OpenClovis can be distributed across blades, shelves, and even racks, creating a seamless management environment across heterogeneous network element building blocks.

OpenClovis (IDE) is an advanced suite of tools that enable solution providers to quickly and cost-effectively simulate, integrate, validate, deploy, and maintain their managed applications and platforms based on the OpenClovis Application Service platform.

Solution Providers from around the world are quickly recognizing the superior OpenClovis Application Service Platform architecture and implementation that provides full featured end-to-end manageability across their data, control, management, and service planes. Unprecedented scalability allows choice of management functionality, OS, HW Platform, levels of availability, and network element configuration.

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