OneSpin Solutions

OneSpin Solutions provides electronic design automation methodologies, tools and services for fundamental verification tasks at transaction, register transfer and gate levels. OneSpin's patented technology - built upon 250 engineer-years of innovation and development - not only increases the quality of results, but also reduces the cost and time to results.

The company currently offers two solutions, which share a common technology foundation, and which have been field proven on hundreds of designs. The OneSpin 360 Module Verifier detects all functional errors in complex digital modules and intellectual property (IP), such as peripherals, processors, and processor-based subsystems of up to a few hundred thousand lines of code, enabling true functional sign-off. The OneSpin 360 Equivalence Checker is a highly automated, high precision verification solution. It can be used either in conjunction with 360 MV to preserve the module's quality level through subsequent implementation design phases, or stand-alone to assure full-chip implementation design equivalence.

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