OpenLogic's mission is to make Open Source-based software development easier and more efficient. flagship product, BlueGlue, is an intelligent one-stop distribution of best-of-breed Open Source development tools. It provides Java and LAMP developers with the most automated, convenient and reliable way to select, install, configure and maintain their development infrastructure, freeing them from countless hours of system administration drudgery and frustration.

Developers are not only more productive sooner but also on an ongoing basis because they can rely on BlueGlue to keep all their tools up to date. BlueGlue also guides developers as to which tools work best for different projects and provides professional documentation and support to help them along the way. Our expertise in integrating and testing many combinations of open source development tools ensures a quality, conflict-free working environment, letting developers focus on creating great software.

With BlueGlue, OpenLogic significantly lowers the total cost of ownership for companies who want to use Open Source development tools. By providing an easy one-stop choice, OpenLogic eliminates one of the key barriers to wider adoption of Open Source tools.

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