Nohau UK Ltd.

Nohau UK is a highly specialized service-orientated organization capable of developing complete customer solutions. It also provides expert advice and training to support its sales of embedded hardware, tools, and software. Originally part of the Nohau Group, founded in Sweden in 1981, Nohau UK is now an independent, privately owned company which has taken over the group's business interests in the UK and Ireland. The company distributes a wide range of embedded systems related hardware and software, including Real-Time Operating Systems, development tools, protocol stacks, protocol analyzers, and traffic generators.

In addition, Nohau UK supplies WLAN and Bluetooth communication modules and other wireless connectivity solutions. Major principals include global players such as SYSGO, Frontline, LeCroy, Klocwork, ConnectBlue, Phytec, Keil, HCC-Embedded, IAR Systems, Quadros Systems, Abatron, Hi-Tech, and IXXAT.

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