NANOIDENT Technologies

NANOIDENT Technologies AG is the leader in the development and production of printed semiconductor-based sensors and is the world's first company to commercialize printed semiconductor-based products for high volume applications. NANOIDENT's multidisciplinary team of world-class scientists and industrial engineers have invented a new class of photonic solutions including chemical, biological and biometric sensors and are currently working on next generation plastic solar cells, printed transistors, new production processes and groundbreaking new design and simulation tools.

NANOIDENT's extremely fast manufacturing process uses liquid conductive and semiconductive materials. These liquids are used to print electronic circuits on almost any surface, producing products in minutes for prototype as well as high volume applications. The company's printed semiconductor devices are bendable, disposable, light and ultra thin, have application specific spectral properties, and can contain light sources and light detectors as well as electronic circuits. These unique characteristics enable cost effective large device areas for applications such as industrial, chemical, biological, biometric and X-ray sensors, printed OLED displays for smart packaging and electronic signage, printed transistors, integrated circuits and solar cells, or a combination of all these components in one single device. Privately-held, the company is based in Linz, Austria.

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