NemeriX is a leading fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra-low-power semiconductors and solutions for GPS (Global Positioning System) and location-based services (LBS).

NemeriX focuses on markets requiring high energy efficiency - typically battery-powered wireless and handheld solutions. Its high-performance devices enable battery-powered location determination anywhere and at anytime. This allows its customers to design and manufacture powerful, low cost and truly differentiated products in both consumer and professional markets. Using a unique combination of innovative silicon architectures and proprietary layout techniques, NemeriX integrated circuits are the world's lowest power GPS solution available today.

GPS has evolved from use in specialized positional equipment to a truly pervasive enabling technology encompassing a myriad of applications; from today's transport (including vehicle navigation, theft and collision notification); tracking (people, animals and products); logistics and other business applications; as well as wireless emergency call and location services. Future growth segments include proximity-based marketing, social networking, gaming and financial authentication. The continued reduction of component cost, together with new features in GPS end-user equipment, is fuelling industry growth across both commercial and consumer markets; the global GPS market is currently forecast to reach US $22 billion by 2008, and wireless GPS applications are predicted to grow at 34% CAGR.

NemeriX's combined competence in low power, high-sensitivity RF and digital baseband design enables the delivery of complete GPS systems for battery-powered applications. Power efficiency - combined with no loss of accuracy - means OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and ODMs can produce lighter, more compact products with longer battery operating times, and at a lower cost. NemeriX chipsets have been benchmarked from 20% t0 40% less power compared to competitive solutions, giving an end-product battery life that provides 100% more operating time than systems using alternative chipsets.

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