Nexus Chips

Nexus Chips Co., Ltd. was founded on December 2001 as a professional enterprise of Graphic Acceleration Chip with low electrical power and has developed Graphic acceleration chip GiPump(TM) suitable for Cellular phone or Mobile electromagnetism for the first time in world.

Nexus Chips focuses its efforts on development of high performance Camera Chip based on the best performing 3D acceleration chip and 3D function that makes you enjoy Cell phone exclusive 3D game the most effectively, and it will provide the combining solution with Camera by which new pattern entertainment is possible. By doing so, we aim to pioneer the various entertainment phone markets.

For this purpose, Nexus Chips offers its solution to make us develop diverse 3D contents including GiPump 3d Chip, and supports various angles of technologies to display a high performance by linking Mobile Solution with GiPump.

In the rapidly changing business environment, there are so many fields to utilize it on the basis of solution on graphic. The services for what the users of mobile terminal want will be changed inexhaustibly, and our company will advance against anyone else about the change of the users.

Nexus Chips aims to be a leading company in the world in the field of graphic acceleration chip and solution for cellular phone and mobile instrument based on core technology and human power. We develop and sell GiPump that is high performance/ low power 3D graphic acceleration chip for cellular and mobile instrument.

Nexus Chips Co., Ltd. will be at the head of market by producing new functional SoC product with low power necessary to cellular phone by combining cellular phone technology, LCD display technology, and memory technology that belongs to the strong points of Korea.

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