NRG Global

NRG Global specializes in the development of software for availability monitoring and performance diagnostics of IT systems. One of their products is CleverEye, which is an availability monitoring software for servers, network appliances, databases and applications.

CleverEye queries servers and applications for availability. Technical reports are generated instantly. Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports prove you are exceeding best practices and standards. Automated Alerts are sent via email, SMS etc. when thresholds are exceeded. Get increased insight on users experience. Firewalls, routers or ISP peering issues can hinder performance, know how it affects you. In a ten step process, know exactly where and why bottlenecks occur.

Keep your performance software and your homegrown scripts if they are working, but add CleverEye to take care of you most basic, fundamental needs. Optimize and save time Wasted time means losing customers, proactively solve problems. Maintain business critical applications at peak performance with an easy to use, simple to implement and cost effective solution for IT professionals.

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