Micro Digital

Micro Digital Inc. is the developer of the SMX RTOS, sold since 1989. Founded in 1975, Micro Digital has been offering solutions to embedded systems developers since the field was in its infancy - literally before it had a name! Initially, Micro Digital was an engineering company, providing hardware and software design services to OEM's. The company's first project used the just-released Intel 8080 with 4KB EPROM's for code storage.

Micro Digital introduced the smx kernel in 1989. Following this, other products such as smxProbe, smx++, and smxDLM were developed and introduced. Soon, however, we recognized that our customers needed more products than we could develop and support well. Thus we began a process of forming partnerships with companies that produced complementary quality products and integrating them with smx. Examples of such products are smxFile, smxNet, and PEG. This process has produced a broad SMX product line and will continue to produce more SMX products in the future.

Micro Digital is a privately owned company. Because of this, we are able to put the needs of our customers ahead of the needs of our shareholders. This is demonstrated by our customer-first support policy - customers' needs are put ahead of our own product development. We are not forced to follow a rapid growth path mandated by outside investors. The needs of our customers provide our impetus.

As is evidenced by its longevity, Micro Digital is a stable company that knows how to survive bad times as well as good. This company will be here next year and for many years thereafter and will continue to provide help and to provide new and improved products to its customers and partners.

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