Micro Magic

Micro Magic was founded in January of 1995. The founders worked together at SUN Microsystems. While at SUN they worked on several projects including a 900ps 16Kbyte cache SRAM, the SPARC V9 architecture definition, and led a team to develop a 300MHz SPARC Microprocessor. The rest of the core design team consists of senior designers from companies like HP, SGI, and DEC. Most have Ph.D.'s from Stanford, Berkeley, and MIT and average almost 20 years of industry experience.

After only five years, our strong engineering portfolio led to Micro Magic, Inc. being acquired in December 2000 for $260 million. Then in May of 2004 the founders of Micro Magic restarted the company.

During the next two years the original development team went into "stealth" mode where they completely revised Micro Magic's suite of EDA tools. Today Micro Magic, Inc. (MMI) is back offering its world class design tools and design services for those who need the best in high-performance and low power chips.

Micro Magic, Inc. is a privately held company. We build, use and sell our own high-end CAD tools. Our installed base is growing and we enjoy a positive cash flow.

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