Meadville's PCB Division currently operates a total of five PCB plants, one drilling and routing plant in Shanghai and Dongguan in the PRC. One new factory is under construction in Guangzhou, China.

Meadville is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in the PRC by turnover, with focus on producing high-end PCB products. Their products include double-sided and multi-layer PCBs, HDI PCBs and IC substrates. They are able to provide a "one-stop shop" service to their customers, from PCB layout design, small volume quick-turn PCBs, including prototypes to large volume mass production PCBs.

Meadville's main customers are multinational and PRC OEMs, EMS providers and PCB traders. The customers use their PCB products for a variety of industry applications, including in commuications equipment, computers and computer peripherals, cellular phones, high-end consumer electronics, automotive components and medical and industrial equipment.

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