Based on their software development experience in embedded applications, MacroExpressions have identified several pieces missing from the common software development toolchains. The missing pieces have to do with code reuse and maintainability of software projects. MacroExpressions products, Unimal and C-SLang, supplement other tools by patching those omissions. Their products are complemented by their services. They include applications and/or customizing of the products.

MacroExpressions helps the following:

C-SLang is a novel embedded diagnostic tool. It is method of turning an ISO/ANSI C compiler into a generator of very compact Assembler-like scripts, with the size of the virtual machine of about 2K (depending on the platform). It is useful for test and diagnostic procedures, such as in embedded devices manufacturing, end-of-line and field return testing and similar tasks.

UNIfied MAcro Language (Unimal) adds new features to high-level languages in a way independent of the target language. It reduces project maintenance complexity and data footprint by:

Unimal supplements HLLs with:

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