LynuxWorksTM, Inc. is a pioneer and a proven leader in the embedded-systems industry with more than 16 years experience. Our embedded operating systems are based on open standards, and are used over and over in important products made for markets such as communications, aerospace and defense systems, medical, and automotive.

Our powerful development tools and comprehensive global consulting services provide customers with an indisputable first-mover advantage in their respective markets. And our ability to provide the industry's longest-term support has proven invaluable in keeping their offerings profitable, their end-customer satisfied, and their names at the forefront.

Unique OS compatibility
LynuxWorks provides compatible embedded operating systems to help developers optimize designs, reduce development time and costs, and get critical products to market in advance of the competition:

LynxOS compatibility with BlueCat Linux enables applications that have been developed quickly and inexpensively with BlueCat Linux to move onto the LynxOS real-time platform should real-time requirements emerge at a later date.

Powerful toolset
To further accelerate customer time-to-market and to ensure high-quality results, LynuxWorks provides a comprehensive set of development tools. These powerful tools include integrated development environments for Windows®, SolarisTM and Linux-based development; code-generation tools; and highly efficient debugging tools for LynuxWorks operating systems.

Synergistic alliances A wealth of synergistic relationships help LynuxWorks deliver complete solutions to a wide range of customers developing products for such markets as communications, aerospace and defense, medical, and automotive. This includes:

Market-leading life-cycle support
As a long-time trusted leader in the embedded industry, LynuxWorks is committed to providing value to our customers across the entire life cycle of their products-from genesis to end-user upgrade strategies:

Add to this a vast expertise in high availability architectures and experience in meeting industry-specific requirements in dozens of markets, and you will see why LynuxWorks is turned to again and again by customers in search of unbeatable market advantage.

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