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As more chips combine analog and digital functionality, integrating analog and digital parts together on the same substrate is an increasingly important cause of respins. This problem is compounded by advanced processes with increasing relative variability and statistical process data. At the circuit level, corner based methodologies leave a lot of performance on the table, and cannot foresee all of the external factors seen by the circuit in the overall system. System-level verification is often a choice between 2 extremes - simulate part of your system accurately with a spice-level simulator (and pay the price in runtime and scope of your tests), or use analog behavioral models and abstract-away many of the important effects that may make your system fail.

Kimotion helps circuit and system designers reduce the risk of respins caused by analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits. Leveraging analog design testbenches, Kimotion's proprietary characterization, optimization and model generation technology define a rigorous flow that enables designers to make and verify their analog/mixed-signal design across environment and process variations, both on the circuit and system level. Using Kimotion software, circuit and system designers can shorten the design times of their analog parts, reduce overdesign, and diminish the risk of respins when integrating this part, whether custom-designed or external IP, onto their SOC.

Kimotion was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the K.U. Leuven in Belgium, and is backed by prominent European venture capital firms Index Ventures, Innovacom and Quest for Growth.

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