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Kineto Wireless is the key innovator and leading supplier of Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology, the 3GPP standard for extending mobile voice, data and IMS services over fixed IP access networks. Mobile and integrated operators around the world are embracing UMA to deliver compelling new fixed-mobile convergence services including dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi handsets, femtocells, and fixed VoIP services.

The mobile industry has been one of the 20th century's great success stories, making mobile handsets a mainstay of daily life for more than one and a half billion people around the world. Nonetheless, the industry's maturation presents fundamental business challenges for mobile operators. As customer additions slow, operators must identify the next growth opportunity as well as hold onto the subscribers they've already garnered.

Without doubt, increasing mobile service use at home and office represents one of the largest growth opportunities for mobile operators. However, despite high interest from subscribers in wanting to use their mobile phone as their primary phone, the cost and performance challenges of mobile services have prevented operators from being able to capitalize on this tremendous opportunity.

Fortunately, some new technological forces are quickly changing the communications landscape: Broadband, Wi-Fi and VoIP. However, it's been unclear until recently how these technology mega-trends will affect mobile operators. If anything, they've been viewed increasingly as potential threats.

Now, thanks to UMA (the 3GPP standard for convergence), mobile operators can truly embrace these disruptive technologies and turn them to their advantage. By deploying UMA technology, mobile operators can immediately turn home, office and public wireless LANs (WLANs) into seamless extensions of their cellular networks. As a result, they can now deliver high-performance, low-cost mobile voice, data and IMS services in the exact locations they are looking to increase mobile service usage.

Kineto Wireless is the key innovator behind the 3GPP UMA standard as well as the leading supplier of UMA-compliant core network solutions to operators worldwide, and leading supplier of UMA-compliant client software solutions to mobile device manufacturers.

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